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Miércoles, Enero 18, 2012


I'm gonna make it better. A Being Eclectic mixtape front cover

i?m gonna make it better. A Being Eclectic mixtape back cover

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       D O W N L O A D I’m gonna make it better. A Being Eclectic mixtape

It’s mid January and I haven’t done any new year’s resolutions mostly because they’re usually unreal of too far away from our real possibilities so this year I’m thinking about make a list of some fun resolutions like study a new language, learn how to make cocktails for parties or even dance lessons. If you don’t have any resolutions made so far this mixtape might inspire you to do so. 

The theme was inspired obviously because of the new year but mostly because Band of Skulls’ Honest songs which is nothing but beautiful and inspiring. Also the title of the mixtape was taken from a rad new year related video titled preciscely Make it Better made by Sebas & Clim, a London-based directors duo whose amazing video full of colors and fonts made me do this. Here’s the tracklist:

Physical Motion by Jimmy Edgar

Yesterday’s Gone by Kele

Everything Will Be Alright by Golden Ages

Out of the Blue by Julian Casablancas

There’s No Secrets This Year by Silversun Pickups

In the New Year by The Walkmen

New Directions by Jens Lekman

All We Have is Now by The Flaming Lips

Letting Go by The Field Mice

Clean by Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson

Fitter Happier by Radiohead

Honest by Band of Skulls

The photos used for the covers were taken by a German photographer named Iwan Gabovitch whose textures photos are sick, especially his grey concrete texture gallery. Enjoy.

José Luis

Lunes, Octubre 31, 2011


In the room where you sleep. A Being Eclectic Mixtape

In the room where you sleep. A Being Eclectic Mixtape back cover

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D O W N L O A D In the Room Where You Sleep. A Being Eclectic Mixtape

First lemme start apologizing for not posting for the last couple of weeks now but with my new job my life is changing, hopefully for good. That being said now it’s time for a new mixtape now inspired by the season. Is that time of the year where people invite you to costume parties and see kids trick or treating over the street, and even when in Mexico we celebrate Día de Muertos -day of the dead- we do enjoy the costum and the candies that comes with the American Helloween, not to mention the occasional scary mixtape. I choose some of the music I listen to when the mood is right, it is full of some spooky tunes, I really hope you like it. This is the tracklist:

Tortured by Otep

Halloween by John Carpenter

The space in between by How to Destroy Angels

Somebody’s watching me by Rockwell

Animal by OMNI ft. Tiki Lewis

Bela Lugosi’s dead by Bauhaus

Experiment in terror by Fantômas

Count in fives by The Horrors

In the room where you sleep by Dead Man’s Bones

The ghost who walks by Karen Elson

In this light and on this evening by Editors

Maitre de ma peau… by Dernière Volonté

Bone jump by Brian Eno

Where the darkness is deepest by Lunatic Soul

Requiem by Otep

I hope this 42 minute mixtape would be the perfect companion for your to trick or treat or just listen to on a dark night, it is also perfect to listen before you fell sleep especially with headphones, trust me. The photos I used to do the covers are from a talented guy named Simon Crubellier. Enjoy.

José Luis

Lunes, Octubre 10, 2011


You had me at Qwerty | A Being Eclectic mixtape front

You had me at QWERTY | A Being Eclectic mixtape back

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   D O W N L O A D  You had me at Qwerty. A Being Eclectic novel mixtape

In music as in literature the opening sentence is really important to cautivate the listener although finding great opening lyrics is not that easy even for bands like The Beatles or The Smiths. Even when starting with a great line is not necessarily basic for a song to succeed or became and anthem it certainly set the mood for the rest of it, living a hunger for more after that great first sentence. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Simon & Garfunkel - The sound of silence
2. Monaco - Billy Bones
3. The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
4. Radiohead - 15 step
5. Phantogram - Running from the cops
6. Fiona Apple - Criminal
7. Piano Magic - The faint horizon
8. Kurt Vile - Puppet to the man
9. The Smiths - I want the one I can’t have
10. The Beatles - Norwegian wood (the bird has flown)
11. Mercury Rev - Spiders and flies 

This mixtape is some sort of continuation of the last one, and as you can imagine is also a long list of great opening lines. I’d love to know some of your favorite opening lyrics so be sure to leave a comment below or on the ask me anything section. Just so you know the next mixtape will be all about halloween so be sure to stop by in a couple of weeks, I want it to be as scary and spooky as possible. Enjoy.

José Luis

Lunes, Octubre 3, 2011

 Sleep Education by Jewellers


There are some music perfect for certain moments or seasons, and Jewellers was perfect for the summer and somehow their amazing album Sleep Education it also works during the autumn. Jewellers is a Newport, Wales band whose music is just beautiful, full of ethereal beats that probably fit the most under the chillwave level although it totally could fit under sublime too. 

Last week I listened to Sleep Education over and over for a few days and Forward Life became my absolutely favorite song, it reflects my feelings towards this new season and the rest of the year. If you are interested into purchasing a physycal format of this beauty it will be available through The Sound of Sweet Nothing on October 10th releasing an edition of 300 12” vynyl LP that I absolutely recomend you to get -I’m getting mine-, it also includes a couple of remixes not available on the digital version which is the one I have. Enjoy.

José Luis

Lunes, Septiembre 26, 2011


About two weeks ago I posted a preview of The View, the first single of Metallica’s new project in collaboration with Lou Reed which has for title Lulu. Well, finally we can listen the whole song and by so far this seems to be a huge bluff of the year. The song is not exactly bad, the sound reminded me to the Garange Inc. era but truth be told I’m far from being impressed. The video start witn an explanation behind the Lulu project:

"Over 100 years ago, a German visionary named Franks Wedekind wrote a collection of plays about a tempestuous woman named Lulu who was both a muse and a mystery. 

A century later, the stories would inspire Lou Reed and Metallica to create “Lulu”, a musical narrative of the provocative plays”.

Like I said the song has the particular sound that the San Francisco quartet has during the Garage Inc. era but with Lou Reed on the vocals and lyrics, being followed later by James Hetfiel singing small parts of it. After a couple of listenings of The View I’m far from being a fan of this new project, seems to be two different songs merge forcibly into one: in one side Lou’s voice and on the other Metallica’s music. The drums seems to be way off from those first four Metallica albums and sounds closer to the Saint Anger hollow drums which, I just hope the rest of the album turns out to be way better than this first single, although being a Metallica fan for 20 years now I gotta say I’ll buy it no matter what, even when the entire album is not as good as the rest of both artists discography. 

Please feel free to let your comments on this project that even the doubtful first single there’s hope for a master piece of rock history. ALbum drops next Octuber 31st. Enjoy.

José Luis

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