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Viernes, Febrero 17, 2012


Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Since is freezing pretty much on the entire northern hemisphere and a beanie or a hat comes handy perfectly to keep warm and look cool at the same time, and even more if you put together a nice beanie and a rad trend of nowdays: beards. As a bearded man the future of my beard has become a center of multiple conversations over the last couple of days whether I should keep it or nor but with this awesome beardie I’m definitely keeping it.

The Beardo bearded beanie is the lastest design of Beardo Wear, a company responsable for so many cool products mustache and beard related to wear so this is no the exception. If you have $40 bucks and need a warm hat for this butt freezing hell this is definitely the way to go. Buy it here. Enjoy.

José Luis

Sábado, Agosto 27, 2011


'Autumn 2011 Scarves' by Ponder Knitwear

'Autumn 2011 Scarves' by Ponder Knitwear'Autumn 2011 Scarves' by Ponder Knitwear

Autumn is near by and with it comes the strong airs and changes, so a nice clothes to go with it are in order, and why not start with a nice scarf. The ones you see above are the new autumn 2011 scarves collection by Ponder Knitwear and as you can see are absolutely sick, full of colors, details and textures not to mention some sort of 8bit style that is so trendy nowdays. Now, I’m more like a traditional 2 o even 3 colors palette kinda guy so am not sure I’d wear this but bet a lot of you totally would so if you can pull it off this hipsterish style just go for it.

The California based knitwear designer Jillian Claire says they want to bring the “longbow” scarves back for winter and they’re totally spot on. Another thing I like about this scarve collection is the Native American tribal patterns and aesthetic of them, present on their website too which reminds me also to those Billy Cosby’s sweater patterns don’t you thing? Enjoy.

José Luis

Miércoles, Marzo 30, 2011


'Chambray black' shirt by CXXVI Clothing Co.

'Shark black t-shirt' by CXXVI Clothing Co.

'Whale Money Clip' by CXXVI Clothing Co.

I received ealier this morning the new 2011 Spring Collection catalogue of CXXVI Clothing Co. and believe me, there are plenty of cool stuff in there, they keep their unique sailor style that we love so much. While the entire catalogue is dope, there are some items I’d love to get, in particular on hell of money clip that made me drool.

1. Chambray black shirt.

This shirt crafted with a fine black chambray cotton is perfect for a casual outfit for this spring, it looks so comfortable and wearable that can be also usead at work. Notice the tarnished bronze buttons on it, they bring the shirt to the next label. Get it in here

2. Shark Black t-shirt.

A nice cotton t-shirt is always perfect for the spring-summer seasons, and this one is but with a sick illustration on it,. continuing with the whale-sea theme of the collection, with the unique vintage asthetic of it. Get it in here.

3. Whale Money Clip.

I’m not a walet kind of guy, I actually use a money clip and this one makes me drool so bad, it’s so fresh and cool that I bet it’s gonna be completely sold out in a few days. Or perhaps weeks ‘cause this baby is not cheap -$96 dollars-. It is hand-crafted and the whale reminds me to Moby Dick so bad. Get it in here.

I love to get the entire collection, but with these three items I’m good. Be sure to visit the entire collection so you can see what they’re offering for the season, and let me know which pieces are your favorites. Enjoy.

José Luis

Viernes, Marzo 25, 2011


'Knitted bomber jacket' by Lacoste

It is spring already but the cold is stil here especially at night, and for those refrshing nights a coat or a warmer jacket may not be the proper choice for the seasons, but this gorgeous jacket sure is. This rad knitted bomber jacket designed by Lacoste has everything I like: neat minimalistic design with a twist of fun. This -quite expensive jacket, over 200 dollars- is made entirely of wool, something that could be refreshing to wear during this spring season’s nights, its retro style is quite appealing nowdays. If you wanna get some of this go here, so if you have 200 dollars extra please get one for me, would you? Enjoy. 

Found through Selectism.

José Luis

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