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Martes, Diciembre 27, 2011


January. Sport: Rowing. Characteristic: Pride

August. Sport: wrestling. Characteristic: strength

Sport: Swimming. Characteristic: Fight

Sport: Waterpolo. Characteristic: ulnerability

Sport: table tennis. Characteristic: motivation

Even when I’m not a man of calendars on the wall it always comes handy to have one especially when it’s awesomely illustrated as this one. The Telenor 2012 calendar was made by three amazing Serbian illustrators named Becha, Monika Lang and Nebojsa Cvetkovic who did such a terrific job with this one. The premise is simple, to illustrate the twelve months but with their unique style which is a blend of antiqueish vibe, rad textures and bizarre collages full of colors which is always a plus for me.

2012 is obviously an Olympic year and the expectations are huge so the calendar has to be sport related but instead of going with the same ol’ familiar sports this team decided to go for the olympic ones such a table tennis, waterpolo or rowing but with such an astonnishing outcome, making me drool over the floor wandering how cool would have one of this beauties decouring my studio walls all over the year. The illustrations I liked the most were made by Becha as you can see. Enjoy.

José Luis

Martes, Diciembre 20, 2011


Cocktails invite chaos by David Walker

'Clothing's inevitably comical' by David Walker for CIC

Cashiers improve checkout by David Walker

Charades is challenging by David Walker

Hi there, it’s me again after almost two months since I started at this new job and I completely forgot to update the blog every once in a while but I’m coming back mostly because it’s Christmas and I want to share a lot of thing that I love xmas related, some of them are things I remember from my chilhood and some are new like this illustrations for a december calendar titled Christmas is Coming by David Walker for CIC. The concept behind this calendar is to create a daily illustration for each day through december but each illustration has definitely a fun twist.

Taking the Christmas concept and giving it that akward and funny twist is definitely genius basically because we all have done something like this or at least know someome who did it like that drunk women photocoping her ass during the officee christmas party or that knitted deer that reminds me to those ugly sweaters my mother made me wear when I was a child. Despite these fun illustrations the calendar also focuses into those familiar and even religious moments of the month which is perfect to balance it.

I don’t know about you but I’d love to see an entire 2012 calendar with this style and the critic and hilarious point of view of David Walker. Enjoy.

José Luis

Martes, Noviembre 1, 2011

Día de los Muertos! by Mark Malazarte

Día de los Muertos! by Mark Malazarte

Although Halloween is a very rad holiday because the make up, the candies and the costume parties I had to say as Mexican I do love Día de Muertos or Day of the dead because of the colors, the smells and the flavors not to mention the hope to see those beloved ones who passed away. To celebrate the occassion I found a terrific illustration you see above made by a Tampa-based illustrator and designer Mark Malazarte who capture perfectly all the characteristic of the ancient Aztec tradition that remains until now.

In Día de Muertos! Mark took the aesthetic of this tradition and make them even cooler, making me also drool just to imagine this beauty haging on my studio walls but sadly I haven’t found any info about this illustration being sell as a print so if you have any please send me a holla or leave a comment so I could get mine. Enjoy.

José Luis

Miércoles, Octubre 5, 2011


Someone is printing souls by Andrea Austoni

The simple idea of printing souls is as interesting as the graphic proposal of Andrea Austoni, an Italian designer and illustrator currently based somewhere on Poland whose work is really good, especially his Someone is Printing Souls! illustration. According to Andrea the idea of printing souls was inspired by George Carlin joke that you can see on the illustration although it is too small and I coudn’t found a bigger image of it to show you the detail although. The joke says:

"There’s a giant factory somewhere where someone has been roaming the Earth, the souls are printed by machines and they had unbelievably long rubber belts upon which the souls line up until they reach the end of the factory where someone collects them to ship them all over the world in gigantic burlap sacks".

Clearly this is about God and how Carlin saw God’s work although I think this interpretation seems to be too simple and superficial, there must be something much deeper and profound than just that, probably talking about someone working on younger minds or else. In any case this print and the idea behind it is simple amazing, it would be rad if Andrea sell this as a print, sadly he is not. Enjoy.

José Luis 

Miércoles, Septiembre 21, 2011


Napulitalian. Naples narrated by pop icons by Fabio Catapano

Napulitalian. Naples narrated by pop icons by Fabio Catapano

Napulitalian. Naples narrated by pop icons by Fabio Catapano

Napulitalian. Naples narrated by pop icons by Fabio Catapano

Earlier this morning I found a fantastic print series about the pop icons of Naples, one of the coolest Italian cities well known for its architecture, culture and cuisine, and football mostly because Maradona played for the Naples during big part of the 80s, and those icons are precisely represented on the illustrations made by Fabio Catapano, an Italian London-based designer, illustrator and art director whose Napulitalian. Naples Narrated by Pop Icons series is astonishing and made me wonder how they would look on my studio walls. This is Fabio’s statement towards this series:

"Naples is a city full of elements that set it apart. Whenever he tries to tell a Neapolitan of his country must first tell you about how it works in Italy and then open a small parenthesis explains that, instead, how it works in Naples.
My project is a tribute to this city, so big and so full of heroes,symbols, objects, beliefs, vices, virtues and dangers that make itunique.
An overview of each icon as a piece of a big puzzle or a book ofinstructions. We are Italians, but we first of all, the Neapolitans”.

What I like the most about this series, besides how great it is, is the how Fabio identified some of the pop icons of the city and try it to reproduce to promote it, just like the I Love NY shirt or the double deck bus of London. After I saw the series I immediately start wondering about the pop icons of my city if I’d did the same thing and lemme tell you soemthing, it wasn’t an easy exercise. 

Now, I have absolutely no idea if this is just a project of his or a commisioned work, if they’re only images or actually prints for sale, the only thing I know is that they’re so cool looking, I bet some of you are thinking the same, right? Enjoy.

José Luis

Miércoles, Septiembre 14, 2011


'Uzume' by Rumi Matsumoto

'Uzume' by Rumi Matsumoto

'Uzume' by RUmi Matsumoto

'Uzume' bu Rumi Matsumoto

If you’re a constant visitor of this blog you might know by now how fan am I of handmade drawings and illustrations mostly because nowdays pretty much all the designers and artists went digital so going back to the basics turns out to be quite refreshing and that’s how I could describe Rumi Matsumoto's work among many other adjectives. Rumi is a Kyoto-based illustrator and web designer whose work mesmerizes me because its unique style, beauty and intricate elaboration all of that using nothing but a pen and talent.

The series is titled Uzume which is the Japanese Shinto goddess of joy and happiness so you might guess was on her mind while drawings these. The intricate design of the drawings reminds me to those Rorschach drawings where you see what’s on you subconscious especially the first two, and the last ones seems like those 3D prints that you need to star for hours and half-closing your eyes until you finally see the message or figure on it although in this case there’s no figure, I’ve tried.

Once again I’m in favor of more handmade drawings and illustrations especially if they’re as good and amazing as Rumi’s Uzume, wouldn’t you love to have these on your walls? Perhaps she should star selling them as prints for our pleasure. She also blogs, in Japanese of course. Enjoy.

José Luis

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