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Miércoles, Julio 13, 2011

The Amazing Work of Nicola Felaco

'My girl is anarchy-tect' by Nicola Felaco

'Giorgio Moroder' by Nicola Felaco

'Thom Yorke' by Nicola Felaco

'Somethings can't be fixed Typography Experiment' by Nicola Felaco

Last night while surfing through the web I came across with the amazing work of Naples, Italy-based illustrator and creative designer Nicola Felasquez Felasco whose work is beyond awesome. His work has an aesthetic that immediately caught my attention with those triangles and geometric forms put together creating faces, some of them are familiar faces like David Bowie, Yuri Gagarin or the Mona Lisa, also using an interesting color palette that makes me drool all over the place.

It was hard to select some illustrations of his catalogue but I decided to choose some of his unique geometric portraits and typographic experiments, also being a fan of Radiohead and Thom Yorke I have to add the incredible portrait of his using only doodles. What I like the most about his work is that even when his style is quite abstract he’s able to deliver the image he’s trying to share, like those faces I talked you about, like if those geometric forms were pixels or something like that.

Besides his incredible portfolio Nicola has an interesting new project coming soon titled, which is some sort of blog created with the purpose of inspired you withing fifteen minutes of your day so you can check it daily and forget about visiting tons of blogs to find that inspiration. Sadly, Nicola doesn’t have an online store where to buy some of his stuff, so if you’re interested into getting some try email him, maybe you’ll get lucky to own these rad four pieces hanging on your walls, I know I’d to. Enjoy.

José Luis

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