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Viernes, Febrero 17, 2012


Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Beardo beanie by Beardo Wear

Since is freezing pretty much on the entire northern hemisphere and a beanie or a hat comes handy perfectly to keep warm and look cool at the same time, and even more if you put together a nice beanie and a rad trend of nowdays: beards. As a bearded man the future of my beard has become a center of multiple conversations over the last couple of days whether I should keep it or nor but with this awesome beardie I’m definitely keeping it.

The Beardo bearded beanie is the lastest design of Beardo Wear, a company responsable for so many cool products mustache and beard related to wear so this is no the exception. If you have $40 bucks and need a warm hat for this butt freezing hell this is definitely the way to go. Buy it here. Enjoy.

José Luis

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