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Martes, Diciembre 27, 2011


January. Sport: Rowing. Characteristic: Pride

August. Sport: wrestling. Characteristic: strength

Sport: Swimming. Characteristic: Fight

Sport: Waterpolo. Characteristic: ulnerability

Sport: table tennis. Characteristic: motivation

Even when I’m not a man of calendars on the wall it always comes handy to have one especially when it’s awesomely illustrated as this one. The Telenor 2012 calendar was made by three amazing Serbian illustrators named Becha, Monika Lang and Nebojsa Cvetkovic who did such a terrific job with this one. The premise is simple, to illustrate the twelve months but with their unique style which is a blend of antiqueish vibe, rad textures and bizarre collages full of colors which is always a plus for me.

2012 is obviously an Olympic year and the expectations are huge so the calendar has to be sport related but instead of going with the same ol’ familiar sports this team decided to go for the olympic ones such a table tennis, waterpolo or rowing but with such an astonnishing outcome, making me drool over the floor wandering how cool would have one of this beauties decouring my studio walls all over the year. The illustrations I liked the most were made by Becha as you can see. Enjoy.

José Luis

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