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Martes, Diciembre 20, 2011


Cocktails invite chaos by David Walker

'Clothing's inevitably comical' by David Walker for CIC

Cashiers improve checkout by David Walker

Charades is challenging by David Walker

Hi there, it’s me again after almost two months since I started at this new job and I completely forgot to update the blog every once in a while but I’m coming back mostly because it’s Christmas and I want to share a lot of thing that I love xmas related, some of them are things I remember from my chilhood and some are new like this illustrations for a december calendar titled Christmas is Coming by David Walker for CIC. The concept behind this calendar is to create a daily illustration for each day through december but each illustration has definitely a fun twist.

Taking the Christmas concept and giving it that akward and funny twist is definitely genius basically because we all have done something like this or at least know someome who did it like that drunk women photocoping her ass during the officee christmas party or that knitted deer that reminds me to those ugly sweaters my mother made me wear when I was a child. Despite these fun illustrations the calendar also focuses into those familiar and even religious moments of the month which is perfect to balance it.

I don’t know about you but I’d love to see an entire 2012 calendar with this style and the critic and hilarious point of view of David Walker. Enjoy.

José Luis

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