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Martes, Noviembre 1, 2011

Día de los Muertos! by Mark Malazarte

Día de los Muertos! by Mark Malazarte

Although Halloween is a very rad holiday because the make up, the candies and the costume parties I had to say as Mexican I do love Día de Muertos or Day of the dead because of the colors, the smells and the flavors not to mention the hope to see those beloved ones who passed away. To celebrate the occassion I found a terrific illustration you see above made by a Tampa-based illustrator and designer Mark Malazarte who capture perfectly all the characteristic of the ancient Aztec tradition that remains until now.

In Día de Muertos! Mark took the aesthetic of this tradition and make them even cooler, making me also drool just to imagine this beauty haging on my studio walls but sadly I haven’t found any info about this illustration being sell as a print so if you have any please send me a holla or leave a comment so I could get mine. Enjoy.

José Luis

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