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Lunes, Octubre 10, 2011


You had me at Qwerty | A Being Eclectic mixtape front

You had me at QWERTY | A Being Eclectic mixtape back

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   D O W N L O A D  You had me at Qwerty. A Being Eclectic novel mixtape

In music as in literature the opening sentence is really important to cautivate the listener although finding great opening lyrics is not that easy even for bands like The Beatles or The Smiths. Even when starting with a great line is not necessarily basic for a song to succeed or became and anthem it certainly set the mood for the rest of it, living a hunger for more after that great first sentence. Here’s the tracklist:

1. Simon & Garfunkel - The sound of silence
2. Monaco - Billy Bones
3. The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore
4. Radiohead - 15 step
5. Phantogram - Running from the cops
6. Fiona Apple - Criminal
7. Piano Magic - The faint horizon
8. Kurt Vile - Puppet to the man
9. The Smiths - I want the one I can’t have
10. The Beatles - Norwegian wood (the bird has flown)
11. Mercury Rev - Spiders and flies 

This mixtape is some sort of continuation of the last one, and as you can imagine is also a long list of great opening lines. I’d love to know some of your favorite opening lyrics so be sure to leave a comment below or on the ask me anything section. Just so you know the next mixtape will be all about halloween so be sure to stop by in a couple of weeks, I want it to be as scary and spooky as possible. Enjoy.

José Luis

Miércoles, Octubre 5, 2011


Someone is printing souls by Andrea Austoni

The simple idea of printing souls is as interesting as the graphic proposal of Andrea Austoni, an Italian designer and illustrator currently based somewhere on Poland whose work is really good, especially his Someone is Printing Souls! illustration. According to Andrea the idea of printing souls was inspired by George Carlin joke that you can see on the illustration although it is too small and I coudn’t found a bigger image of it to show you the detail although. The joke says:

"There’s a giant factory somewhere where someone has been roaming the Earth, the souls are printed by machines and they had unbelievably long rubber belts upon which the souls line up until they reach the end of the factory where someone collects them to ship them all over the world in gigantic burlap sacks".

Clearly this is about God and how Carlin saw God’s work although I think this interpretation seems to be too simple and superficial, there must be something much deeper and profound than just that, probably talking about someone working on younger minds or else. In any case this print and the idea behind it is simple amazing, it would be rad if Andrea sell this as a print, sadly he is not. Enjoy.

José Luis 

Lunes, Octubre 3, 2011

 Sleep Education by Jewellers


There are some music perfect for certain moments or seasons, and Jewellers was perfect for the summer and somehow their amazing album Sleep Education it also works during the autumn. Jewellers is a Newport, Wales band whose music is just beautiful, full of ethereal beats that probably fit the most under the chillwave level although it totally could fit under sublime too. 

Last week I listened to Sleep Education over and over for a few days and Forward Life became my absolutely favorite song, it reflects my feelings towards this new season and the rest of the year. If you are interested into purchasing a physycal format of this beauty it will be available through The Sound of Sweet Nothing on October 10th releasing an edition of 300 12” vynyl LP that I absolutely recomend you to get -I’m getting mine-, it also includes a couple of remixes not available on the digital version which is the one I have. Enjoy.

José Luis

Viernes, Septiembre 30, 2011

 The Path of Totally by Korn


If you ever wonder about Korn lemme start saying that their back once again but this time with a very different approach to their usual nü metal -still exist?- this time blend with dubstep. Yes, you read/listened correctly, Korn goes dubstep. After an unfortunely decade of releasing some decent and bad albums they’re trying to gain lost ground and new fans using the genre of the moment with little help of the best producers of it like Skrillex, Excision, Datsik, Noisia, Kill The Noise or 12th Planet -I had no idea who these people are, I’m not into dubstep-.

This first track is titled Get Up featuring Dj and producer Skrillex with this new and different mix of genres. At first the simple idea shocked me a little bit but after a couple of listenings I honestly think it works. Actually, I like it. Korn’s career can be separated into two: a very successful one during the 90s and a second one not so much during the 21st century after released some terrible and not too terrible albums and after some line-up changes it was clear they had to have a most needed change. Although I never though on dubstep this change sounds refreshing on them, I’m not sure if it’s the right move for an entire album of dubstep metal but it sounds great, I have the same feeling when the nü metal sound emerged from underground back in the 90s.

I think their major contribution of this new way to do metal is that they did it first, or at least they’re the first to try it althoug I’m not sure if that would be enough to revive their lost path. The Path of Totality is the name of their forthcoming album due to be released on December 6th through Roadrunner Records and it think it would be a commercial success, not necesarilly appreciated by the hardcore fans, just give them the benefit of the doubt, a benefit I’ve been giving them for 10 years. Enjoy.

José Luis

Jueves, Septiembre 29, 2011


Shadow by Rook Floro

Shadow by Rook Floro

Shadow by Rook Floro

Shadow by Rook Floro

Shadow by Rook Floro

I just found this art instalation by the Bangkok born now based on Birmingham, UK artist and illustrator Rook Floro -love his name btw- and my jaw still is on the floor. The sculture is titled Shadow and I don’t have words to describe it, I just know I’d love to have it as a central piece on my dream house. According to Rook the concept behind this incredible sculpture/perfomance piece we can find Carl Jung’s shadow physological theory.

"It represents my ‘shadow’ which involves my hidden desires to be different and become perfect in my own right. We always feel the pressure to be perfect by everything around us such as themedia, social network, advertisement, friends, and family. "

I mentioned before that is part sculpture part performance because the figure sitting on the chair is actually Pook himself performing as the shadow although it’s not exactly clear which one is the shadow, the seated and complete figure or the incomplete standing one facing the light. Awesome indeed. Enjoy.

José Luis


Zaz watch by Nooka

Zaz watch by Nooka

Lemme start saying that I’m not a fan of wrist watches, in fact I don’t even have one, I don’t see the point of wearing one when you can easily check the time with your cell phone not to mention that when you waer one you’re constantly checking the time and worrying about it so no thanks, but every once in a while a rad watch came out on the market and I start drooling, and this is the case. The ZAZ watch designed by Nooka is unique, I haven’t see something quite like this.

The ZAZ model is pretty amazing because it doesn’t show up the time like any other watch, instead of using numbers for digital watches or it uses 24 bars to indicate hours and 60 bars for the minutes, filling each one according to the especific time over a trasnparent screen which will create the ilusion of displaying the bars right over your arm.  This new way to read the time is very futuristic and playful, perfect for geeks and 8-bit lovers, so if you’re interested into getting one you could just go here to buy it, they have it on black and white with leather band or a steel mesh one. Enjoy.

José Luis

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